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Jun 5th, 2014

The Land Registry

By Ali Torabi

Plans are underway to privatise one of our best-performing public services, the Land Registry – the government body that records the sale of all houses and land.

The Land Registry has a 98% satisfaction rating with people who’ve used it. It’s also entirely self-financing, and passes its profits on in reduced fees. But the sell-off hasn’t hit the headlines, and many of us haven’t even heard about it.

James is a 38 Degrees member, who works for a legal services company and uses the Land Registry on a daily basis. He’s started a petition on Campaigns by You to stop the sell-off and already has strong support from high street solicitors behind the campaign.

Now he wants the support of thousands of 38 Degrees members to try to force the government to scrap their plans together.

Aside from providing a great service, the Land Registry produces data on house prices, that the government uses to make policy decisions. Privatisation would put this data in the hands of profit-making companies – and could give them influence on government policy.

James, who started the campaign, says:
“The Land Registry is well run, efficient and professional. If the government is to sell off one of our best performing public services, the wider public needs to be able to have its say.”

Here’s what some of us have been saying about the Land Registry sell-off on the 38 Degrees Facebook page:

Marguerita: “There is no need to privatise the Land Registry. It is a successful public organisation. Privatisation could open it up to corruption and greed.”

Colin: “Selling off services like this brings increased costs to the customers, a poorer service, and a further reduction in our nation’s assets.”

Keith: “I use The Land Registry for work most days and on the whole find it very efficient. What will happen will be the Staff will be cut back and cost increased If privatised.”

Sandra: “Roll up! Roll up! Massive sale! UK going cheap to friends and cronies! Get some before it’s all gone!”

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