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Jul 12th, 2014

Digital Democracy

By Megan Bentall

Does your MP listen when you email them? Does it feel like they brush you off or are they great at responding? A new government commission has asked David Babbs, 38 Degrees Executive Director, to give evidence on Tuesday. They’re looking at “digital democracy”. They want to know how the internet can help politicians represent us better.

What do you think David should say? 38 Degrees members often talk about how they feel ignored by their MPs. Some MPs see email as a great way of engaging with their voters. But some refuse to reply, while others block their email addresses entirely.

So what do you think? Do you think the internet has made engaging in democracy easier? Do you think MPs need to get better at communicating with their constituents online?

If you want to have your say, fill out this quick survey about the internet and democracy?It’ll help make sure that when David speaks to the commission, he’ll be speaking for as many of us as possible. Just click here to get started.

The ‘Commission on Digital Democracy’ is made up of MPs and academics, and they’ll be making recommendations to parliament later this summer. They’ll be hearing from lots of ‘experts’. But it’s important they hear from real people too.

It can often feel like some of our MPs would rather not hear from us – even as they complain about apathy and low levels of engagement with politics! But technology has changed the way we engage with our MPs. It’s enabled us to come together to stand up for what we believe in, in ever-greater numbers.

Whatever your experience of your MP, and whatever your view on ‘digital democracy’, together we can paint the picture. This is a chance to be heard.

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