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Aug 13th, 2014

Israel arms ban petition hand-in

By Ali Torabi

Over 95,000 people have signed the petition telling David Cameron to stop selling arms to Israel. 38 Degrees members are standing up for peace. Alongside thousands of people around the world also calling for an end to the bloody conflict in Gaza.

Yesterday, the government announced they might halt some arms sales to Israel. This shows the government is starting to bend to pressure for an arms embargo. But some people say it doesn’t go far enough.

On Thursday morning, 38 Degrees members will hand our petition in to the government. Together, we are showing the strength of public opinion for a ban on arms sales – adding to the pressure on Cameron to take further action.

You can share the petition on Facebook and Twitter now, so your friends and family can add their names before the petition is handed in tomorrow morning.

The Israeli army is using weapons containing British-made parts, with the consent of the UK government. The UK has, rightly, already got controls in place to stop British-made weapons going to Palestinian group Hamas. But if we want to promote peace, our weapons shouldn’t be used by either side. It’s time to ban arms sales to Israel too.

Would you like to come to the petition hand-in on Thursday? We’ll be meeting outside Downing Street at 11am and we’ll hand the petition to guards who will take it inside. Please RSVP here.

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