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Aug 22nd, 2014

Privatisation at the National Gallery?

By India Thorogood

38 Degrees member Clara has started a petition to stop the privatisation of services at the National Gallery.

The National Gallery has decided to privatise up to 400 of its 600 staff including those who look after security of the paintings and deal with the public. Clara thinks private companies like G4S and Serco shouldn’t be left to look after our national treasures. Click here to sign her petition.

Here’s what Clara says:

“Only last November the Gallery Executive endorsed the view that privatisation could not guarantee quality of service and would not save money. Now they and the Board of Trustees have announced privatisation is the only option.” You can sign her petition here.

If you disagree with Clara’s campaign, or there’s another issue close to your heart, you can start your own campaign here.

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