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Sep 8th, 2014

The people-powered Recall of MPs Bill

By becky

The people-powered Recall of MPs Bill, that 38 Degrees members chipped in to pay for, is back from the lawyers. Our Recall of MPs Bill gives people, not MPs, the power to recall their MP when enough people feel their MP isn’t doing their job properly.

Click here to read the final version. It’s pretty exciting to have a final version of the Bill, it wasn’t just paid for by 38 Degrees members, but it was also helped written by 38 Degrees members. It’s also been scrutinised and improved by a cross-party group of MPs.

Our Recall of MPs Bill is now being tabled as a presentation Bill. Over the coming weeks 38 Degrees members now have to persuade all our MPs to support it!

Please comment below with your thoughts and ideas for the next stage of the campaign.

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