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Oct 15th, 2014

Email your MEP about TTIP

By India Thorogood

It’s been shrouded in secrecy and locked behind closed doors. But this weekend we changed that. Thousands of us took to the streets to show how toxic TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – is. Together we made headline news.

Members of the European Parliament, our representatives in Europe, have the power to stop this deal. This weekend we proved to them just how unpopular this dodgy trade deal is. Now we need to up that pressure – in their inbox. Can you email your MEP and ask them to stop TTIP? Click here!

Together, we’re piling the pressure on MEPs. Their faces and phone numbers have been on thousands of leaflets handed out across the UK. Their phones are now ringing off the hook. Now let’s step it up a gear.

MEPs work for us and we vote them in. They won’t vote for TTIP if we make it politically poisonous.

Can you email your MEP and ask them to say how they’ll vote on TTIP? It’ll take two minutes.

Just a few weeks ago many MEPs hadn’t even heard about TTIP. But now it’s all they’re hearing about. On Saturday, thousands of 38 Degrees members joined with people all over Europe to stand against TTIP.

38 Degrees members were everywhere from Hackney to Halifax. In shopping centres and on street stalls. Together we showed MEPs how hated this deal is. Now let’s show them that we’re not going anywhere!

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