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Oct 21st, 2014

Rochester and Strood by-election: Survey results

By Rebecca Falcon

38 Degrees members are working together to put the issues ordinary people care about at the heart of the Rochester and Strood byelection. Hundreds of members in Rochester and Strood have taken part in a survey to decide what we do together – and to rank the issues that matter most to us.

As well as taking part in the survey, last week 38 Degrees members came together at two meetings in Rochester to talk about these issues further and flesh out what we can do together.

Here are the results of the survey of 38 Degrees members in Rochester and Strood:

Link to a bigger image: https://s.bsd.net/38degrees/main/page/-/RS%20involved%202.png

Link to a bigger image: https://s.bsd.net/38degrees/main/page/-/RS%20getinvolved%202.png

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