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Nov 5th, 2014

Rochester and Strood: registering voters!

By India Thorogood

On Saturday, a group of about twenty 38 Degrees members got together to register local people to vote in the by-election. It was a really great day, even in the cold weather!

The election is pretty unavoidable locally – and splashed on the national news too. So people know it’s going on. But many aren’t registered to vote, and we were able to sign some of them up!

We also took the opportunity to spread the word about our hustings, which is on 20th November. If you live locally, it’s one not to be missed! Here’s some photos of us in action on the day. Firstly, us planning the day ahead:

Next, we hit the streets. Here’s some photos of two 38 Degrees members going door to door:

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