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Nov 5th, 2014

Tweet to save our Forests

By Amy Lockwood

Just a few hours to go before the future of our forests is decided.

The House of Lords is voting this afternoon on a law which could see our beautiful woodlands sold off to private developers.

Twitter-savvy Lords are bound to be checking their phones on their way to Westminster. So let’s make sure they know just how many people want them to protect our forests. We can make sure they’re feeling the pressure on the #infrastructurebill before this crucial vote.

Please click here to tweet at a Lord. It’s already got all the right @s and #s in it, and there’s some suggested text too.

Baroness Royall – who’s on our side – received our people-powered petition this morning. She’ll tell the Lords that over 140,000 members of 38 Degrees signed it in under 24 hours. Tweeting the Lords now could be the extra pressure that they need to vote the right way.

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