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Dec 15th, 2014

Victory: MPs expenses

By Amy Lockwood

Plans to cover up investigations into MPs expenses have been scrapped – thanks to 38 Degrees members.

As soon as the plans were floated, 38 Degrees members got together to stop them. Over 200,000 of us signed a petition. And a whopping 31,000 of us flooded the MPs expenses watchdog, IPSA, with objections.

Together, we made sure that there was no doubt – MPs work for us, so if their expenses are being questioned we have a right to know about it.

Everything we do together is funded by 38 Degrees members like you. Small, regular donations from thousands of 38 Degrees members mean that together, we can act fast when we need to.

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IPSA say that they’re committed to transparency – today 38 Degrees members have held them to account on that.

38 Degrees is a movement of people fighting to make democracy work. Together, we’re holding our politicians to account and influencing decision makers to make choices that benefit us all.

It’s a hard slog, but we’ll never give up, because winning campaigns like this one take us one step closer to the world we want to live in. What a great way to end the year together!

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