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Jan 19th, 2015

Don’t cut crucial funding

By Belinda Turffrey

Last week over 10,600 members of 38 Degrees wrote to the government to tell them not to cut crucial funding designed to help people in crisis. This vital safety net helps families heat their homes in emergencies and supports victims of domestic violence, so is crucial for people most in need.

Before Christmas thousands of 38 Degrees members signed the petition demanding Osborne protect this emergency fundingbut the government didn’t listen. They just passed the buck to councils, giving them less money than last year but advising them that £130m should be set aside for the fund.

But they left a small glimmer of hope by conducting a consultation.  They asked the public what to do about the emergency fund, so thousands of members wrote in and told them to save it, and increase the funding.

Councils have already had their budgets slashed. So unless the government finds additional funding to help people in hardship, then councils could be forced to cut vital services. And these cuts will hit people just when they need support the most.

From helping parents buy mattresses for their kids to sleep on to supporting families hit by floods, anyone can suddenly find themselves up against it. Knowing there is a safety net to catch us in hard times is part of what makes Britain great.

When thousands of us come together, we can change the government’s mind. We did it when the government scrapped its plans to privatise the Child Protection Services and we’re keeping everything crossed that together we can do it again this time. 

The government is due to feedback early next month – we’ll keep you updated.

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