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Feb 3rd, 2015

Tax campaign: Yes or No?

By Amy Lockwood

The tax dodgers are at it again. Private equity bosses – some of the richest people in the country – are using a legal loophole to avoid paying their fair share in tax.

They’re secretly using a tax break which is meant for small businesses. It means they’re paying a lower rate of tax than their office cleaners, or the nurses who care for them in their hour of need.

The government isn’t investigating.  So should 38 Degrees members step in? Together, we could expose this scandal, and stop the tax dodgers in their tracks.

Should we campaign together to get the loophole shut down?
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Click here to say NO

We’ll need to act fast. George Osborne is preparing his March Budget now. He won’t want to be embarrassed by the fuss of a tax dodge going on right under his nose. Together, if we make enough noise, we could force him to close this loophole when he stands up to give his speech in six weeks’ time.

There are powerful people behind this sweetheart deal – but that’s never stopped us before. We’ll need proof, and that means investigating this tax loophole: who’s behind it, how it works and how to close it. It’ll need an expert – someone who knows the ins and outs of tax dodging.

The rest is up to us. Together, 38 Degrees members can expose this dodgy loophole and take our demands directly to Osborne.

38 Degrees members stand up for fairness, and this tax dodge is fundamentally unfair. While the rest of us are working hard to pay our fair share of tax to keep the country going, crafty investors are being allowed to play by different rules. It’s time to stop that.


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