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Feb 11th, 2015

Tax Dodging: Where do candidates stand?

By Megan Bentall

Banking giant HSBC has been helping the richest people in Britain dodge a ton of tax. Our politicians have a shameful track record of turning a blind eye. They let banks and hedge funds exploit loopholes and use shifty accounting to dodge the tax that should be paying for our hospitals and schools.

38 Degrees members have been writing to candidates in their constituents asking them to commit to stamping out tax dodging if elected. Responses from candidates are being recorded using the form below. The more of us they hear from, the more it’ll prove that their voters want them to take a strong stand on tax dodging. And once they’ve made promises, we can hold them to it after the election.

Once you get a response from a candidate in your area click here to add it into the table below. You’ll click through to an online form – just pop in your response from your MP or candidate.

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