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Feb 27th, 2015

Tips for talking to the media: ‘Save our NHS’ day

By Rachel Oliver

Here’s a rough guide for things to say to the media if you meet any journalists when out collecting signatures for the ‘Save our NHS’ petitions. But remember, you don’t have to be an expert on the NHS. The most impactful messages are your personal stories.

What is happening today?

This Saturday, 11,000 38 Degrees members are out in high streets across England talking to people about why we love the NHS.

We’re collecting signatures for our local ‘Save our NHS’ petition. The petition calls for an end to privatisation and a properly funded NHS.

NHS experts have made it clear that it’s make or break time for our health service. So that’s why today, we’re kick-starting a huge campaign to save our NHS this election. Politicians need to know that if they want our vote in May, saving our NHS needs to be their top priority.

Why are you out on the streets to save the NHS?

Over the last few years our politicians have turned their back on the principles our NHS was built on – an NHS that’s owned by all of us, that works to save lives, not make money. They’ve chosen to under-fund vital services and sell others off to private companies.

Recently we’ve started to see the result of these political choices – crises in A&Es across the country, elderly people waiting on hospital beds because of a lack of care in their community, and patients waiting weeks for a GP appointment.
So that’s why we’re out on the streets today and we will be again and again in the run up to the election.

What would you like people listening or reading to do?

We’re asking anyone who wants an NHS that’s there for everyone when they need it, to join us today. Just go to 38degrees.org.uk/nhs to find an event happening near you.

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