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Mar 1st, 2015

Election: the plan

By India Thorogood

Why bother with the general election?

Decisions are made by those who show up. And overwhelmingly, 38 Degrees members have voted to show up at this general election.

We’re not very keen on most of the politicians standing. But we see it as an important time to stand up for what we believe in – and maybe to change the UK for the better.

We only get to vote for a new government once every five years. This time, 38 Degrees members want to set the terms of the debate.

How are we going to get involved?

We prioritised the issues we should campaign on together – the NHS, the US-EU trade deal TTIP and tax dodging. We voted against endorsing candidates but in favour of finding out where they all stand. Tens of thousands of us volunteered to hold events in our communities, and hand out leaflets spreading the word about the things that matter to us.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to find out more!

Who made this plan?

38 Degrees members!

137,105 of us took an online survey
3,395 of us attended 465 meet-ups in cafes, pubs and front rooms
627 of us joined the conversation on Facebook
48 of us dialled in to conference calls

See exactly what 38 Degrees members decided on HERE.

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