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Mar 5th, 2015

Taking over the streets of Brighton Pavilion to protect the NHS

By Sarah Holtam

More than 50 people hit the streets of central Brighton to gather signatures in town on Saturday. Cycling through town, members were spotted on every street corner – real people power in action.

Brighton Pavilion 1

Well done 38 Degrees I WANT MORE !!!!!!
Great day guys, despite the rain! 60 signaturess, including some people working at the NHS
…got over 80 signatures … by visiting my local shops, doctors surgery, chemist etc. It only took an hour and was also fun. Made some new friends.

Apart from some interested security guards (it’s rumoured one even signed the petition) it was very peaceful and good humoured – lots of people commented on member’s determination despite the damp. Some members reported getting 2-4 pages filled with signatures, 60 on average.

If you haven’t uploaded your signatures yet, please do so here.

Brighton Pavilion 3

In the afternoon gathered at the Brighthelm Centre to kick back watch Ken Loach’s documentary “Spirit of ’45”. The room was full, we ran out of chairs.

Lots of connections were made with different groups, including  Defend the NHS Sussex who have got a lot of awesome looking events in the pipeline.

Thanks to all those who leant equipment or helped out with serving tea, it was so needed after the cold drizzle.

Now we know what we can achieve when we get together, we have exciting times ahead.”

Brighton Pavilion 2


There is loads going on in Brighton Pavilion, with regular meetings to talk about how to work together. To get involved and find out more sign in here.


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