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Mar 6th, 2015

“If you value it, fight for it” – Power to the people in Brighton Kemptown

By Sarah Holtam

Twenty people braved the February weather to show their appreciation for the NHS by gathering signatures at the Royal Sussex County Hospital on Saturday. In an act of love, and a demonstration of people power, they talked to every patient and passer-by to get signatures for a petition to protect the NHS.

Brighton Kemptown 2

The group split up into teams of twos and threes to spread their message across the constituency to approach a wide-ranging audience; from the pubs of James’ Street to the families at Brighton Community Centre. They had their patch well covered.

Rolling down the hill on two wheels we found members on each and every street corner all the way from Royal Sussex County Hospital (Kemptown), through the centre of Brighton (Brighton Pavilion) and over to George Street in Hove. Now that’s power.

Brighton Kemptown 1

Across the country, petitions are calling for every parliamentary candidate to commit to doing all they can to protect the NHS.

Join us for the next Brighton Kemptown meeting: Monday 9th March at the Rock Inn. To find out what’s going on in your area, sign in here.

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