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Mar 13th, 2015

Join us in Chester and make a difference

By Paul Benson


After a fantastic turnout in the NHS National Day of Action, Chester members met last night to decide what to do next. We talked about what local issues we wanted to highlight during the campaign, what else we wanted to do to save our NHS and how we can work better with other members of the 38 Degrees community.

What you can do
Two more petition events are taking place, and we’d love your support for them. Our members will be out on the 21st of March and the 28th of March. You can RSVP by clicking on those dates or by going to the 38 Degrees Election Hub.

The more signatures we collect, the better our chances of making all candidates in the election take us seriously. Lots of people have done this for the first time and enjoyed doing it. Lots of people are doing something political for the first time in their lives. Why not join them and help make a difference?

The Big Multi-Constituency 38 Degrees Chinwag
As well as the national issues of the NHS, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and corporate tax avoidance, heartfelt concerns were raised over social inequality, housing, and the effects of fracking. We also talked about how we could work with members in other areas.

We are inviting members from Chester and surrounding areas to join us in a discussion on how to put our issues on the political agenda and keep them there. We’ll also show off some of the new 38 Degrees materials we’ve been working on, and come together as a community. To RSVP, click here.

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