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Mar 25th, 2015

Urgent: Mayfair loophole

By India Thorogood

News just in: this afternoon, MPs can vote to shut the Mayfair tax loophole.  That’s the tax dodge the government set up to let rich city bosses avoid up to £700m of tax a year. We need to act fast to make sure MPs close it.

Can you send an email to your MP now asking them to vote to close the loophole? Hundreds of their constituents getting in touch just before they walk in to vote could tip the balance.

Your email will be copied to all the candidates who want to be your next MP too, to ask what they’d do if they were voting today. The last thing your MP wants a few weeks away from an election is to look soft on tax dodging compared to their rivals – socopying in the other candidates will pile the pressure on them. Click here to email your MP and candidates.

Politicians have admitted that tax dodging is a problem. But they blame the fat cats who dodge tax rather than taking responsibility for setting up the dodgy rules and loopholes in the first place.

38 Degrees members exposed the Mayfair loophole earlier this year. It’s an unfair rule that lets private equity bosses get away with dodging up to £700m of tax a year. MPs could vote to close it today – and get that money back for our NHS and other public services.

We can’t let millionaire finance bosses pay less tax than nurses and teachers. It’s election season, so MPs are trying to look good in front of their constituents. The more emails your MP gets this morning, the more likely they’ll vote to shut the loophole later – especially as every email they get is copied to their rivals.

Please urgently email your MP and candidates to demand they vote to close the Mayfair loophole later today.

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