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Apr 21st, 2015

Kingswood: Jeremy Hunt puts off decision on a minor injuries unit for Cossham Hospital

By 38 Degrees team

Jeremy Hunt’s put off the decision to open a minor injuries unit at Cossham Hospital until after the election. Despite two years of local campaigning, the Tory health minister has refused to give the unit the green light.

This government hasn’t secured the NHS services Kingswood needs. But with an election less than three weeks away, 38 Degrees members could help elect an MP who’ll do better.

Letters pages of local papers are read by hundreds of voters. If together, 38 Degrees members flood the papers with letters about Jeremy Hunt’s poor decision, we can show how important it is to vote for an MP who’ll promise a minor injuries unit. The election race in Kingswood is extremely close, so our letters could make a big difference.

The 38 Degrees website makes it really easy to write a letter to your local paper. You only need to write a few lines, and there are suggestions to help.

 Click here to get started.

38 Degrees members across the country voted to make our NHS the top issue this election. That’s particularly important in Kingswood where we need an MP who’ll push for a minor injuries unit at Cossham Hospital.

The letters page of a local paper is one of the biggest markers of what’s happening in a constituency. Together, 38 Degrees members can let people know that this government hasn’t provided Kingswood with the NHS services it needs.

Here are some top tips for writing the letter:

1. It’s always best when letters are personalised. When you click the link there are some suggestions on the page about what to say
2. Letters should be short – fewer than 200 words

3. Once you have submitted your letter, you could phone the letters desk to check they’ve seen it and to reiterate why it is important that they print the letter


Are you coming along to the NHS day of action in Kingswood this Saturday 25th April? 38 Degrees members are meeting at 11am outside Kings Chase Shopping Centre. Click here to let other 38 Degrees members know how many to expect.

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