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Apr 27th, 2015

Save our NHS – what a day!

By 38 Degrees team

On Saturday 25th April, 38 Degrees members from all over the country came out in their thousands to put our NHS front and centre of the election agenda. They were out on the streets, in their communities, collecting signatures for the NHS petition that now has over 600,000 supporters (and is growing by the hour)!

38 Degrees members collect petition signatures in Cornwall.

Thousands more people signed up to the petition on Saturday. It calls for an end to privatisation of the NHS, an increase in funding for our health service, and a commitment that any new government keeps the the NHS out of TTIP, the dangerous free trade deal being negotiated between the EU and the U.S.

38 Degrees member Will collected over 100 signatures on the day!

Members were also able to put these demands to hundred of parliamentary candidates who had the petitions delivered to them on the day. From Solihull to St. Ives, candidates heard the message loud and clear – our NHS matters and we’ll vote with the NHS in mind on the 7th of May.

Candidates from all over the country were presented with petitions demanding they save our NHS.

Candidates were quizzed on their positions by 38 Degrees members.

Here’s a quote from 38 Degrees member Tania in Bury South:

“It was a great day, which went very well … we were able to have lengthy discussions about the petition with the candidates.”

Across the country 38 Degrees members were able to quiz the candidates on their commitment to the NHS, to let them know their constituents will vote with the NHS in mind this election.

38 Degrees members having a great time standing up for the NHS in Pekcham, London.

A big crowd in North London.

It was a fantastic day with lots of colour and fun adding to the important message. There were bands in Bristol, choirs in Hampstead, parties in Brighton and giant Thank You NHS cards all over the country. It was both a celebration and a reminder of how important the NHS is to all of us.

People of all ages came out to say thank you to the NHS, with heartwarming messages of support. 

The Ambling Band lend their support to the campaign in Bristol West.

You can still sign the petition and get involved in the campaign by clicking here. Together, we can decide this election on the NHS.

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