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May 5th, 2015

4,154 people from Brighton Pavilion say “Please protect our NHS”

By 38 Degrees team

Following months of campaigning hard online and out on the streets, having conversation after conversation about the NHS, the petition in Brighton Pavilion has reached a whopping 4,154.

On Saturday 25th April Joseph and Debbie present the petition to Parliamentary candidates standing in Brighton Pavilion…

Purna Sen standing for the Labour Party:
Brighton NHS DoA

Chris Bowers standing for the Liberal Democrats:
Brighton NHS DoA

Nick Yeoman standing as an Independent:
Brighton NHS DoA

Caroline Lucas standing for the Green Party:
Brighton NHS DoA

The petition calls on Parliamentary candidates to protect our NHS by:

  • Stopping privatisation
  • Making sure it has enough funding to provide high quality healthcare to everyone
  • Protecting it from US health corporations by keeping the NHS out of TTIP

At time of writing the petition for Brighton Pavilion is at 4,154 and keeps on growing. Not signed it yet?! Sign it here.

What an enormous shame that Clarence Mitchell (Conservative), and Nigel Carter (UK Independence Party) declined our invitation to receive our petition and commit to protect the NHS.

We went out looking for them to hand over the petition…

Brighton NHS DoA

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