Picnic & petition hand-in child tax credits


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This morning two of the youngest 38 Degrees members handed in a petition to George Osborne asking him to protect Child Tax Credits in tomorrow’s budget.

After a picnic in St James’ Park, Harvey and Terrelle led the crowd to the doors of the Treasury where they were met by security.

Harvey was given permission to take the steep climb up stairs inside flanked by an intimidating security guard to deliver the envelope addressed to George Osborne on behalf of the rest of all other petition signers.

The petition, now signed by more than 290,000 of us, calls on the Chancellor to protect the most poorest kids from his cuts tomorrow.

38 Degrees members represent a movement of people who believe in fairness and who are prepared to knock on the door of the politicians, influencers and institutions who make the decisions that affect us all.

Harvey, Terrelle and everyone else that turned out this morning did exactly that. It was fantastic.

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