Campaign to Save Bath City FC


38 Degrees members from Bath and the surrounding areas have overwhelmingly voted to get behind the campaign to save Bath City FC – and to make sure the football club stays part of the local community. [1]


And even famous footballers are now joining the campaign, with Eric Cantona pledging support and buying shares! [2]

But this is about more than just about football, with the club playing a huge role in Twerton – running youth clubs, providing a safe, affordable place for sport and play. And just like saving the Bell Inn, Bath people know the value of clubbing together to protect community assets.

So 38 Degrees members are kicking into gear. There’s been an influx of fantastic ideas in how we can support the bid to save the club. From contacting local media to organising 38 Degrees meet ups before the games and heading over en masse to the ground. There’s been calls to engage the local universities and even track down famous local son Bill Bailey to enlist his support!

But overall the results look like this:

 Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 15.39.43

Despite the fact that most members were interested in a fund raiser, when it came to people’s willingness to get involved, leafleting in our neighbourhood or via a series of stalls had nearly double the amount of volunteers as anything else!

Whatever we decide to do, we need to act fast. The last day to buy shares and reach the £750,000 target needed to save the club is the 4th of September.

The staff team will be in touch with those of you who were keen to be involved to work out our next steps together.

Thanks for being involved.