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Aug 17th, 2015

TTIP day of action – press release

By Trish Murray

It’s great to see plans coming together for the huge day of action on Saturday 22th August to spread to the word about TTIP!


Last time, 38 Degrees members secured hundreds of pieces of media coverage for our day of action. We made a huge splash in papers and TV stations across the country, all of which helped get the word out about TTIP to even more people.

If you’re planning on going to a TTIP day of action, can you send a press release to your local paper about the day? Below is a template press release – you just need to change the details in the square brackets with the details of your local event.

Thanks for everything you’re doing,

Trish and the 38 Degrees team

Press release before the day

Embargo: for immediate release

Contact: [your name, your phone number and your email address].

Journalists are welcome to attend the day of action.

[area] locals take to the streets to expose secret trade deal
38 Degrees members to encourage people to sign nationwide petition against TTIP

[Area] people will be taking to the streets this Saturday to raise awareness of a secretive deal with the USA that is set to give more power to big corporations.

The day of action in [area] is part of a nationwide effort coordinated by independent campaign group 38 Degrees. It will see local campaigners talk to hundreds of people about the dangers of this deal, and how it might affect their lives if it isn’t stopped.

Campaigners say the deal could force NHS trusts across the country to open up to American private healthcare providers, and could allow big businesses to sue the government if British laws dent their profits.

[area] volunteers will take to the streets at [location of your day of action] at 11am on Saturday 22nd August, joining thousands of other people who are also taking action across the UK. They’re calling on people in [your constituency] to sign the petition against TTIP, which will be delivered to politicians in October.

[Your name], a 38 Degrees member from [area] said: “[This quote is the place for you to write why you you think TTIP is dangerous, and why you think it’s important that local people are made aware of the deal. Here’s an example: ‘TTIP could affect every part of our lives: from watering-down environmental protections to lowering food safety standards to American levels. This could re-introduce bee-killing pesticides onto our fields and chlorine-washed chicken into our supermarkets. That’s why I’m dead against this awful trade deal.]”

Amy Lockwood, campaigner at 38 Degrees said: “This Saturday, 38 Degrees members in [area] will be pushing TTIP, the dangerous trade deal, out of secret negotiating rooms and into the public spotlight.

“People in [area] have a right to know that this dodgy deal is being hashed out behind their backs. From the NHS, to schools, to the food on our tables, TTIP could tear up the public services and protections that people fought hard for.

“Saturday’s day of action is all about the people of [area] sending a message to corporate lobbyists: we won’t sit back while you re-write the rules of democracy.”

The EU-wide petition against TTIP has got over 2.5 million signatures already. It can be found at www.38degrees.org.uk/ttip 

Notes to editors:

38 Degrees is one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, with over 3 million members. 38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK.

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