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Aug 22nd, 2015

TTIP: Bees

By Amy Lockwood

There’s a huge new threat to our bees – and it’s wrapped up in a secret trade deal. If we don’t stand up for our bees, the dangerous bee-killing pesticides we’ve fought so hard against could be flooding our fields again – and back for good.

The deal, called TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), isgreat news for Syngenta and the big pesticide companies. But awful news for our tiny buzzing friends and the vegetables, flowers and hedgerows they pollinate. 38 Degrees members know whose side we’re on.

If you stand with the bees too, can you sign the huge petition to help stop TTIP now? Click here to add your name.
Big business lobbyists are trying to use TTIP to weaken the rules that protect our precious environment. The bee-killer pesticides that drench American fields and decimate bees could land here in the UK. And a ban on these pesticides would be easy to reverse – under TTIP, companies that dislike laws (like a pesticide ban!) can take governments to court for losing profit.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of us are throwing everything at stopping the trade deal in its tracks: our pressure has delayed the talks, scrapped votes and changed politicians’ minds. And today, thousands of 38 Degrees members have volunteered to spend their day convincing their neighbours to join the campaign against TTIP.

It’s simple: the bigger the opposition, the harder it is for the dodgy deal to get through. Can you join in by adding your name to the EU-wide petition against TTIP? Click here. 

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