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Sep 7th, 2015

How to find details of your local council

By Cara Bevington

To get in touch with your local council to arrange a hand-in of the ‘Refugees Welcome’ petition follow one of these links to find their contact details:

The quickest way to get in touch is probably to make a quick phone call to the main phone number and find out if the council are planning to meet before 14 September so you can arrange a group of people to head along and present the Refugee Welcome petition.

If they don’t have a meeting planned, you could get together with other local 38 Degrees members and plan an event outside the Town Hall and invite all your local councillors to come and accept a copy of the petition.

Or you could plan to host a stall on the high street to collect more petition signatures and invite local councillors to come and join the stall – this would be another great way to show them how much local support exists.

Head over to this page to find out more about the Refugee Welcome campaign and responses to frequently asked questions.

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