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Sep 30th, 2015

By Megan Bentall

There’s a deal being decided in secret between America and the EU that could threaten our way of life. It’s called TTIP, and it could weaken our laws, threaten the future of our public services and let even more bee-killing chemicals on to our fields. Worst of all, it could give corporations the right to sue the UK if they don’t like our laws.

But 38 Degrees members have the power to stop this deal. Already, we’ve convinced more than half of British MEPs in the European Parliament to vote against TTIP. It’s pushed the deal in to shambles. Now, it’s time to take the message to our MPs. Let’s make it clear: do all you can to scrap this terrible deal.

38 Degrees members across the country are setting up meetings with their MPs to hand the petition in.Here’s the plan: On the day, 38 Degrees members all across the UK will get together outside our MPs’ offices. There’ll be leaflets, banners and the all-important petition box. Hopefully, there’ll be local journalists and camera crews there to help break the media silence on this shady deal. Then, we’ll carry in the thousands of voices against TTIP to present to our MPs.

In the past year, 38 Degrees members have met up three times to collect signatures from people across the UK against TTIP. We’ve spread the word about this awful trade deal to thousands more people. Now, it’s time to take our huge people-powered petition to MPs to make sure our voices are heard.

Click here to find out when the petition hand in is happening in your constituency – or to set one up!

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