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Oct 9th, 2015

Save tax credits

By Amy Lockwood

George Osborne is planning to make life harder for many British families. He wants to cut the support for low-paid working families – called tax credits – that helps pay for food, school uniforms, and winter coats.

But these cuts will only go ahead if other MPs support them – and that’s where 38 Degrees members come in. Osborne’s beginning to look isolated. The Sun is campaigning against him, and top Conservatives are saying that he’s got this one wrong. So if thousands of us push our MPs to speak out too, it’ll cause a wave of opposition that could bring Osborne’s plans to a grinding halt.

Can you ask your MP to speak out against the cuts to tax credits? Osborne can’t pass a plan with hundreds of politicians and the media against it. Click here to add your name to the petition to your MP – it only takes a few seconds:

George Osborne’s plans to cut help for working people and families don’t add up. The cuts to tax credits would punish people on low wages who work hard, but still don’t have enough to cover the essentials. Osborne’s argument that a higher minimum wage would cover the difference has been rubbished by experts – millions of families will be worse off.

Matthew, a 38 Degrees member who lives in George Osborne’s constituency, says, “My daughter and son-in-law rely on tax credits as their self-employed work brings in very little profit. They help keep food on our table for our granddaughter”.

Matthew’s granddaughter doesn’t deserve to go hungry because of cruel government cuts. Can you sign the petition to your MP calling on them to oppose the cuts to working tax credits now? Click here to add your name.

38 Degrees members speak out against injustice when politicians get it wrong. When plans to cut child tax credits were announced in the summer, 38 Degrees members leapt into action to make sure the cuts weren’t as deep as they could have been.

If thousands of us persuade our MPs to speak out against these cuts now, we can prove that the government’s got this one wrong – and we could help protect struggling families.


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