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Nov 9th, 2015

38 Degrees petitions and political parties

By Robin Priestley

Right now, thousands of 38 Degrees members are running campaigns on the issues close to their hearts.  From trying to save local services from cuts, through to changing government policy to make our country more democratic, environmentally friendly and fair.

If you’d like to start a campaign on an issue close to your heart, you can do so here, on the Campaigns by You website. There are several rules as to which campaigns we allow on our website.  You can read our full terms and conditions here.

38 Degrees is an organisation that promotes democracy, peace, human rights, community, equality, fairness and sustainability. We exist to promote positive social change, to protect the environment and to challenge injustice.

38 Degrees reserves the right to remove any campaigns or comments that do not share these values.

You can use our website to create one or more campaigns to advocate any cause that does not promote hatred, violence, discrimination or stereotypes based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality or religion.

Campaigns must not explicitly promote political parties.

38 Degrees is strictly independent of all political parties and is entirely funded by our members.

You are welcome to set up a petition if you are a councillor, a political candidate or part of a local political group. However we reserve the right to edit or remove the petition if we deem it to be promoting a political party, or you as a politician or political candidate. Petitions should be set up by individuals and not under a party name, and should focus on policy alone.

Please inform the 38 Degrees team if you are an elected official or candidate so that we can mark your petition appropriately.

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