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Nov 9th, 2015

Weekly Member Survey Results – 7th Nov 2015

By Becca McCarthy

As members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital.

On Monday morning, the office team sit down with the results of this survey to help decide what’s on the table for the week. Here are the results (click for a bigger image):


We work best when we decide what to do together. People power shapes what we do together every day, and every week we ask you to decide what we should do next.

Since 38 Degrees started over six years ago we’ve grown together into a powerful movement. There are millions of us across the UK. Part of our strength is our ability to work on more than one issue at a time.

P.S. Read below for the full questions asked in the poll.

Protect the NHS from privatisation, increase its funding & fight local hospital closures

Protect the Freedom of Information Act to stop the government from covering up what they’re doing

Stop TTIP, the dangerous trade deal which could let corporations sue the government

Fight against welfare cuts that affect the poorest and most vulnerable

Crackdown on tax dodging

Campaign to protect our bees – vital to life on Earth – from habitat destruction and bee-killing pesticides

Campaign to stop the government making more cuts to the BBC. Imagine no Radio 1, Doctor Who or Bake Off, no BBC news website, or a CBeebies riddled with adverts

Stop fracking from taking place under our National Parks and precious natural sites

Campaign to stop G4S from taking over emergency services’ response centres and handling our 999 calls

A tax-dodger free Christmas: campaign to pressure companies who sell through Amazon and eBay to pay their fair share of tax

Campaign to get councils to open up empty buildings for the homeless this winter

Campaign to get Jeremy Hunt to prevent a strike and negotiate a fair contract that is safe for patients and junior doctors

Campaign to reduce crime and save money by reforming Britain’s prisons and reducing prisoner numbers

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