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Nov 21st, 2015

The video George Osborne doesn’t want you to see

By Carlton Rose

This is the last video George Osborne will want to see spreading across social media. It exposes the truth about his cuts to tax credits – and shows what people power can do to stop him.

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Last month, 38 Degrees members pulled together and forced Osborne to go back to the drawing board with his cuts to tax credits. In four days time, he’ll unveil his new plans. We know that our public outcry stopped him in his tracks last time. Now, it’s up to us again to make sure as many people as possible know about the plans so they can join the fight too.

Joseph, a 38 Degrees member, delivered his local tax credit cuts petition to his MP on Thursday. What he said is surprising:

“A few of us gathered outside her offices and had a photo. Interestingly, two school mums were walking past so we asked if they could take our photo and they had no idea about the tax credit cuts and how it will affect them…”

This video exposes the truth. If thousands of us share this with our friends and family, Osborne won’t be able to hide the real impact of his cruel cuts.

We only have four days until he announces his new plans. Let’s show him that he can’t get away with cutting tax credits. Please can you watch this two-minute video, then pass it on?

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