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Scottish hillside. Picture: Gavindeas

Jan 7th, 2016

8,000 Scottish members vote to campaign on fairer land laws

By 38 Degrees team

More than 8,000 Scottish 38 Degrees members have said we should campaign on fairer land laws.

We polled members in Scotland about the issue and they responded by a margin of 16-1 that we should.

This isn’t about hills, history or complex legal arguments. It’s about tax-dodging, homelessness and real hardship faced by real people here and now.

Too much of our land is is owned by distant aristocrats or foreign tycoons or shadowy corporations in tax havens. Too many people who work Scottish land don’t have proper protection from being kicked off it. And too much land that could be used for affordable homes is left derelict or vacant.

Unfair land laws have kept Scotland unequal for centuries. But this year, now laws are under review. And this could be our chance to change them for good.

We know that when we all speak out together, our politicians listen. Our emails to MSPs made a powerful impression during the last Scottish Parliament debate on land.

And we’ve got a good shot at victory. The SNP government is already wavering on this issue. Their own party conference told them to do better.A Scottish Parliament report told them to strengthen their proposals. A huge people-powered campaign could tip them over the edge and get them to do the right thing.

This is our chance to get the Scottish Government to make land ownership more transparent, to help protect tenant farmers, to ensure derelict land is turned into homes and give communities more control over the land they live on.

Picture: Gavindeas

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