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Apr 6th, 2018

Fishing in Scotland: Open Letter

By Becca McCarthy

We’ve got a chance to protect Scotland’s fishing industry – but we have to act fast. After Brexit, powers over fishing could come to Holyrood. [1] But under a new law that the UK Government’s pushing through, that control would go straight to Westminster. [2]

Scotland’s Conservative MPs are an influential bunch with the UK government. They’ve talked a lot about standing up for our fishing industry. [3] But so far they haven’t done enough to make sure that Holyrood has proper powers over fishing and other devolved issues, like food and farming. [4] That’s where we come in.

I’m writing to you because it looks like you live near a Scottish fishing port. If thousands of us from across Scotland’s fishing communities kick up a fuss about fishing, it could push those influential Scottish Conservatives to speak out. That could be enough to get the UK Government to change its plans.

Will you take a moment to sign an open letter to Ruth Davidson and Scottish Conservative MPs calling for control of fishing to come to Scotland after Brexit? It only takes 30 seconds:


There’s already a massive row about how Westminster is treating Scotland’s fishing industry in the Brexit negotiations. Scottish Conservative MPs have even threatened to rebel over this. [5] But what they haven’t done – yet – is push hard enough to make sure that control over fishing comes to the Scottish Parliament after Brexit.

We’ve won campaigns like this before. Hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees folk took part in a campaign to stop the UK Government rewriting laws in secret after Brexit; behind closed doors, without proper debate or votes. And we won. [6]

Tens of thousands of 38 Degrees folk have been working hard to make sure powers over Scottish fishing, farming, food and the environment come to Scotland. We’ve signed petitions, we’ve contacted our MPs, and taken part in a huge survey for a powerful House of Commons inquiry. [7] And we’ve crowdfunded opinion polling which showed 62% of Scots backed our campaign. [8]

We’re using every trick in the book to protect Scottish devolution. Now, let’s make sure the voice of Scotland’s fishing communities is heard loud and clear in the corridors of Westminster.


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