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Jan 11th, 2016

Extend Freedom of Information to private companies

By Rachel Oliver

What are companies like Serco and G4S spending our public money on? Right now, none of us have the right to know. Because private companies hired by the government aren’t covered by transparency laws.

But this could change. The government’s “considering” extending Freedom of Information laws to cover private companies. It’ll mean we can finally see what’s going on behind closed doors – in privatised NHS services, failing prisons and anything else that’s been flogged to the highest bidder.

The idea’s been leaked in the press. And politicians will be seeing what reaction it gets. A huge petition now, signed by hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members, will leave them in no doubt: the public deserves to know what anyone who spends public money is up to.

Please sign the petition to David Cameron now – it only takes ten seconds now to add your name.

FOI NHS private companies

Because of creeping privatisation in our NHS, companies like Serco and G4S are responsible for the care of the elderly and most vulnerable in our society – they need to answer to us.

38 Degrees members have fought hard for the right to know what our politicians are up to, what they’re spending our money on and who they’re dealing with behind the scenes. Because of us, it looks like the government’s already back-pedalling on their plans to close down bits of Freedom of Information.

People-power has no bounds. The government’s change of heart is down to us – so now let’s set the bar higher.

Tell the government to give us access to what companies are doing with public money. Please add your name to the petition now.

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