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Feb 8th, 2016

FOI: public opinion revealed

By Megan Bentall

David Cameron is trying to ride it out. He knows government plans to water down Freedom of Information (FOI) laws are a disaster. His own ministers are speaking out against the changes. But he’s gambling that people are indifferent about our right to know what politicians and companies are up to.

So 38 Degrees members shifted his calculations by putting public opinion in the heart of the newspapers he cares about the most. Thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in for a nationwide opinion poll. An independent polling company surveyed the public and proved that Cameron’s on the wrong side of public opinion – and this morning, our findings made the headlines:

FOI headlines for blog

What are the chances that today’s headlines had David Cameron spluttering with embarrassment over his cornflakes this morning?

The YouGov survey showed that 60% of people want Freedom of Information laws to be extended to companies receiving taxpayers’ money to provide public services, according to a new poll released today. And only 1 in 10 (10%) said they would oppose FOI laws being strengthened.

38 Degrees members are a strong voice in the battle to keep FOI: it’s our right to know what our politicians are up to, and how they’re spending our public money. Our outcry – a massive petition and tens of thousands of us writing in to the government consultation – has put a big spanner in the works of the plans to water down Freedom of Information laws. And these headlines show just how out of touch with the public these plans really are.



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