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Mar 3rd, 2016

The Big Switch is here!

By Becca McCarthy

Wow – people power has come together this week to negotiate the cheapest energy deal Britain has seen for years! Together, we have sent a clear message to the huge, rip-off Big Six energy companies that there is a better, fairer alternative.

Over 145,000 of us have come together to secure the cheapest energy deal – which will save you £362! It’s with a company Places for People, and they’re not just an energy provider – they manage 140,000 homes, and run big community projects up and down the UK. Plus they invest their profits back into the communities they work with. Inspiring stuff!

We’ve also got the cheapest clean energy deal on the market. The clean deal is with Loco2 – it’s 100% renewable electricity. If you’re on a standard deal with one of the Big Six companies you’ll save £265!

By coming together as 38 Degrees members, we’ve managed to negotiate the best deal anyone’s seen for years. And we get to vote with our feet by moving away from energy giants like E.ON and British Gas. Saving money and sending a clear message to the rip-off energy companies that we’ve had enough – what’s not to like?



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