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Mar 16th, 2016

Mike Ashley forced to answer to parliment

By Louie Herbert

Campaign victory!


Thanks to 38 Degrees members, Mike Ashley is being formally summoned to the houses of parliament to answer questions about the horrific work practices at his company Sports Direct.


After finding out that Mike was trying to dodge MPs questions, 38 Degrees members didn’t waste a second. Bridie from Newcastle set up a petition demanding MPs formally summoned him to parliament and it went viral. In less than 48 hours it had over 20,000 signatures.


The size of the petition and speed it grew at, made it impossible to ignore. MPs simply had to listen. Their decision means that the founder of Sports Direct could be charged with contempt of parliament if he refuses to meet with MPs on the 7th of June this year.

Of course, we never quite know what Mr Ashley will do next or how MPs will respond if he continues his arrogance. What we do know is that 38 Degrees members will be a force to be reckon with when workers rights are threatened. So watch this space.


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