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Mar 25th, 2016

UPDATE: Eghosa’s deportation order cancelled

By Luke Ilott

Today, an aeroplane left Sheffield for Nigeria and Eghosa Uwagboe was not on board. After being served with a huge petition and hundreds of our emails, the Home Office have decided to cancel Eghosa and her mum’s deportation orders while a judicial review takes place.

This is a huge victory for people power – but Eghosa’s future still hangs in the balance.

Eghosa and her mum Omolegho

Eghosa and her mum Omolegho

Judges will have to decide whether it’s legal for the Home Office to deport the Uwagboes from the UK to Nigeria where both mother and daughter are likely to face female genital mutilation.

A nine-year-old star pupil from Sheffield, Eghosa has no intention of leaving home any time soon. After being handed a deportation order, Eghosa’s teacher started a 38 Degrees campaign to keep her in the UK.

It’s come right down to the wire – with just three days until Eghosa and her mum were booked to fly to Nigeria, hundreds of us scrambled to demand that the Home Office dropped their potentially disastrous and unfair deportation plan. And today we learned that Eghosa can stay – for now. 

There’s still work to be done. Please share the petition and stay tuned for further updates. We’ve proved that people power can save Eghosa this time. We may have to do it once again.


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