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Jun 28th, 2016

Results: 100,000 of us voted on the next steps after the EU referendum

By Nat Whalley

During this huge period of change, over 100,000 members of 38 Degrees voted on how we should move forward after the EU referendum. Here’s what we decided:

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Whether 38 degrees members were sad or celebrating over the EU referendum result, we are united in wanting to keep campaigning on our core issues like the NHS.

Poll response 1

And the three issues that 38 Degrees members ranked as most important were:

1. Campaigning to keep EU protections such as public spending, employment rights and human rights
2. Campaigning to make sure politicians keep their pre-Brexit promises
3. Campaigning to protect homes and jobs if the economy weakens.

Our number one priority is to make sure that our rights and protections are kept safe when we leave the EU. As many as 92% of us said this matters a lot, and 99% of us think it’s worth campaigning on.

Poll response 5


Almost all of us think it’s important to hold Leave campaigners to their promises – and 86% of us say it’s a top priority.

Poll response 4

And a whopping 98% of us said we should campaign to make sure the government protects people’s jobs and homes if there are problems with the economy.Poll response 3

Huge numbers of us decided to work together to make sure that 38 Degrees members, and the public, understand what’s going on. This could mean working with legal and financial experts to let us know the facts about what’s going to change.

Poll response 2



Right now, no-one in power seems to have a plan for what Britain leaving the EU actually looks like but together 38 Degrees members are deciding how to make the best of our new situation. Together, we’ll keep pushing to the make the UK a better place.

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