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Jul 13th, 2016

Open letter to Theresa May

By Kathryn Stribley

Theresa May, our new Prime Minister, is about to make some big decisions. So over 100,000 people have already signed the open letter asking her to make protecting our NHS her top priority.

The letter will be printed in The Telegraph this Saturday – a newspaper Theresa May and her advisors pay close attention to. The print deadline is tomorrow at 4pm.

Here’s the open letter:

Tell Theresa May you want her to prioritise our NHS.

Dear Theresa May,

Please tell us what you’ll do for our NHS.

You said you want to ‘make Britain a country that works for everyone’. Britain needs an NHS that is:

  • There for all of us to get care when we need it, regardless of how much money we’ve got
  • Got more funding, to make sure it can always provide world-class care
  • About giving care, not about making a profit for private companies

Will you make that happen?

Theresa May has a decision to make today. She could let her health minister carry on pushing the NHS to breaking point with more and more services run by private companies. Or she could decide to start a new chapter for the NHS. She could promise her health minister the money the NHS urgently needs. And she could make sure everyone always has access to the care they need regardless of their income.

The NHS has to be at the top of her to-do list. Newborn babies, people with cancer, children with broken bones: those of us who need care from doctors and nurses can’t just wait. We all need to know that a world-class NHS will always be there for us.

Theresa May’s made some big promises in the last few days. She wants to make the UK ‘a country that truly works for everyone’. [2] 38 Degrees members know that for that to happen, we need an NHS that’s truly there for everyone with the funding it needs to provide world-class care.

If hundreds of thousands of us point Theresa May in the right direction – starting with an open letter to get her attention – we can make sure we get the care we need at the best and worst times of our lives.

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