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Aug 18th, 2016

99% of Scottish members back mental health campaign

By 38 Degrees team

A staggering 99% of 38 Degrees members in Scotland have voted to campaign together to make mental health services better.

The Scottish Government have unveiled a 10-year plan for mental health – and they want to know what people think. More than 7,000 members who took part in a survey agreed that we should join together to make sure our voices are heard as these decisions are made.

There’s a big challenge ahead. One in four people in Scotland will have a mental health problem this year. On average two people in Scotland die by suicide every day. And young people are forced to wait weeks and weeks to get the help they need.

The stories and views of people who use mental health services, have suffered a mental health problem or know someone who has, are critical in improving the situation.

We’ve all got something to say – whether that’s a personal story to highlight the crisis in mental health services, or a comment to say that you agree mental health in Scotland needs help. The future of our mental health is too important to leave people out of the equation.

We’ll work together to make sure that our views and stories are heard by decision-makers.

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