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Oct 1st, 2016


By bex

TTIP might be over. But there’s a copycat trade deal waiting in the wings. It’s called CETA, it’d allow big businesses to sue our governments – and it’s due to be signed in just a few weeks time. And the worst parts of it will apply to Britain 20 years after we’ve left the EU. But together we’ve got a chance to stop it.

The Austrian Chancellor is on the verge of blocking the deal, and if he follows through, it’s off. But he’s facing huge pressure from other EU leaders. A huge show of support from people across Europe could give him the courage to stand firm and block the deal.

The Chancellor will make his decision on whether to block CETA in the next week. So thousands of people across Europe are signing an open letter to show the Austrian Chancellor he’s got support from the public. 

Here’s what the letter says:

Dear Chancellor Kern, 

Please stand firm and block CETA. 

People from all over Europe support you in your opposition to the dangerous Canada-EU trade deal. 

We stand with you.

Just like TTIP, CETA could hand corporations the power to overturn our laws in their favour. Everything from environmental protection to consumer safety laws could be under threat from profit-hungry multinational companies.

If Austria’s Chancellor knows he has thousands of people behind him, it’ll be our best chance yet to stop this dangerous and secretive trade deal. Let’s show Chancellor Kern that he has our support.

38 Degrees members voted in our thousands to say that after Brexit Britain should negotiate trade deals that put people, not big business, first. CETA threatens our food, environment and democracy – and the worst bits of it will apply to Britain for 20 years after we leave the EU. So let’s make sure we block it while we can. Please can you add your name to the open letter now?


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