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Nov 12th, 2016

Scottish Weekly Member Survey Results

By Becca McCarthy

As members of 38 Degrees, each one of us helps decide the issues we work on together to make change happen. Knowing what all of us care about is vital.

On Monday morning, the office team sat down with the results of this survey to help decide what’s on the table for the week. Here are the results (1 is the ranked the highest priority and 10 is the lowest):

  1. Campaign for the NHS in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to get the funding it needs to give world-class care
  2. Campaign to make sure the social security system does more for the poorest and most vulnerable
  3. Campaign for better mental health services in Scotland
  4. Campaign to crack down on tax-dodging
  5. Campaign to get bee-killing pesticides permanently banned from Scottish fields
  6. Campaign for a permanent ban on fracking across Scotland
  7. Campaign against organisations in Scotland that are placing their workers on zero hours contracts
  8. Campaign to make sure EU citizens are guaranteed the right to stay in Scotland
  9. Campaign to stop CETA, a dangerous trade deal like TTIP which could let corporations sue the government
  10. Keep campaigning to make ScotRail bosses improve Scotland’s trains or be stripped of their contract


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