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Dec 12th, 2016

Big Switch: Octopus Energy

By Becca McCarthy

UPDATE: Over 10,000 38 Degrees members switched their energy provider to Octopus Energy! Read on to see a more detailed email sent during the switch…

Fat cat energy bosses are laughing all the way to the bank. The profits they cream off your gas and electricity bills pays for multi-million-pound salaries, chauffeurs, and blacked-out limos.

38 Degrees members have come together and negotiated an affordable energy deal, away from the big companies. Using our power in numbers we’ve stuck one of the cheapest deals around right now, with a small, reliable energy company renowned for their customer service – and they don’t dodge tax.

The deal closes today and thousands of people have switched already. Will you click the link below and join them before time runs out?




Let’s be honest – reading about energy deals isn’t the most interesting thing to do. So we’ll be quick. Here are the facts:

  • This deal could save you up to £232.50 a year
  • It’s with Octopus Energy, a small company with a great customer service record. And they’re the largest investor in solar energy farms in the UK.
  • We’ve also got the cheapest clean energy deal on the market – which could save you £203.50. It’s also with Octopus, and the electricity is from 100% renewable sources.
  • Every time one of us switches, 38 Degrees gets £15 to put straight back into the campaigns we care about.


Media coverage has recently shown what the biggest, most powerful gas and electricity companies spend your money on.

  • Ferocious lobbying to stop new laws that protect customers from being ripped off.
  • A blacked-out limo with a chauffeur to take the boss of EDF to work every day from his mansion in London.
  • A £1.1m a year salary for the boss of Eon.
  • A £10,000 trip to Alton Towers and a £20,000 party for British Gas staff.
  • A £6.1m pension pot for the boss of SSE.


Taking our money away from the big energy companies, and giving it to smaller firms instead, will hit them where it hurts the most: their profits. If one of us did it alone, they probably wouldn’t notice, but thousands of us switching all at once will send a powerful message.

You can switch using the link above. If you have any questions about it, you can read our FAQs here.

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