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Jan 10th, 2017

Email Your MP About NHS funding

By Nicole G

Last week, the unthinkable happened in our NHS. Two people died in the corridors of an A&E, stuck on hospital trolleys. They had waited hours for a proper hospital bed.

It’s all over the media this week: patients are suffering because the NHS doesn’t have enough money. The government is feeling the pressure of days of negative front pages. But without an uproar of protest from our MPs, it’ll be too easy for the government to stay silent and do nothing.

Protecting the NHS has to be top priority for our MPs. But it can be daunting for an MP to speak out. Some will be coming under pressure from their bosses to stay silent or toe the party line. So emails from their constituents, asking them to call for more money for the NHS, could make all the difference.

Please will you email your MP right now? It will only take a few minutes and there’s some suggested text to help you:


Whether it’s getting a yearly flu jab, treatment for depression, or going through life-saving heart surgery, the NHS is there for us during the best and worst times of our lives.

But right now, our health service is struggling to cope under the pressure of under-funding. Ambulances are queuing outside hospitals, unable to bring patients into overstretched A&Es. Patients are waiting hours in hospital corridors because there aren’t enough beds.

Things won’t get better until MPs rally behind our health service. Please, will you email your MP to ask them to call for more money for the NHS?

As a member of 38 Degrees, you’re one of millions of people across the UK who believes in making our NHS stronger. With our power in numbers we stopped a law that would’ve allowed the government to shut down hospitals without community input. We demanded protections for the NHS against privatisation. Together, we can stand up for a properly-funded NHS that can give world-class care.

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