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Jan 18th, 2017

Save the Kamelia Kids Special Needs Unit

By Nicole G

West Sussex council has plans to slash classes for children with special needs at Kamelia Kids nursery. Donna Wilson’s son attends the classes and she knows how important they are for children like her son. So, she’s set up a petition on the 38 Degrees website to stop the closure of the classes.

Already, hundreds of people with children or friends at Kamelia Kids have signed the petition. But in order to really build the pressure, we need thousands of voices calling for the council to keep the special needs classes running. A huge petition could be enough to save the support for these children.

If you agree with Donna that all children should have the chance to reach their full potential, please sign the petition. It only takes one minute:


Here’s what Donna says:

“These classes give children like my son their best possible chance and a sense of security. They are too important to lose. Our special needs children shouldn’t be forced into environments they will not only struggle to cope in but where their development will suffer too”

West Sussex Council have had the amount of money they receive from the government cut by over £17million this year. So councillors will feel like they’ve got tough decisions to make. But the cost of running these classes is tiny. And the difference they make to children’s lives is huge.

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