Save Darwen’s JobCentre

There’s a new petition on the 38 Degrees website, started by Kara who lives in Darwen, which you might be interested in:


Campaign created by Kara Rhodes-Gilrane

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To: UK government and Blackburn and Darwen council

What: Do not shut down our JobCentre!

Why is this important: People depend on JobCentres like Darwen’s own. They help people to get back on their feet and find a much-needed job after a stage of having been unemployed, which is difficult for anyone.

It isn’t fair that some people, just because they may have been made redundant or because they cannot find a job on their own, will have to remain unemployed. Darwen is becoming a great town. Let us stay great and keep our JobCentre.

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The open consultation for the one in your area can be found on the parliamentary website here: