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Mar 28th, 2017

Contact Ofcom about Murdoch’s Sky takeover

By Rachel Whalley

Murdoch’s Sky power grab is now being investigated by Ofcom the media watchdog. Their deadline for sending in our views is now less than two days away. So please can you send them a quick message telling them the deal needs to be blocked?

Murdoch’s lawyers are already hammering Ofcom, claiming the deal has to go ahead. But we have the power to drown them out. If Ofcom hears from thousands of us, that’s powerful evidence the public wants this deal stopped.

It’s easy to send your concerns to Ofcom – all you have to do is click below and then send in your answers to 2 questions, one after the other. There are some suggestions for what to say.

Please will you send in your views on Murdoch’s Sky takeover, before the deadline?

Have your say here.

Murdoch’s power grab would give him even more control of the news. Control of Sky means control over what’s beamed into 22 million homes. One man just shouldn’t get that much power – let alone the man who brought us the phone hacking scandal.

Democracy only works if voters can get at the facts – fake news, biased reporting, and Murdoch’s media power grab all add up to big threats to democracy. We can tell Ofcom that it’s their job to protect democracy, and that means standing up to Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch didn’t want this investigation to happen at all. Thousands of us signed the petition which helped persuade the minister in charge, Karen Bradley to step in. It’s amazing proof that when enough of us all add our voice, it throws a spanner in the works. Even for someone with Murdoch’s power.

So now it’s time for us to finish what we started. The last thing Murdoch wants you to do this week is send your comments to Ofcom. We’ve got 48 hours to do it – can you have your say now?

Have your say here.

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