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Feb 7th, 2018

Murdoch Polling

By Becca McCarthy

Rupert Murdoch has deep pockets and hates losing. So his army of lobbyists will be working overtime this weekend to convince the official markets watchdog (called the CMA) that the Sky takeover bid should still happen. [1]

38 Degrees-ers like you are a big reason why Murdoch’s plans are almost over. Because while Murdoch has money, his weak spot is that the public don’t trust him. [2] Together, we can remind the watchdog of Murdoch’s terrible reputation, so they’ll less likely be swayed by his last ditch arguments.

So far, thousands of us have sent emails to the CMA, telling them we agree with their draft report. Now, let’s back that up by crowdfunding a public opinion poll to give the watchdog even more proof the public want Murdoch’s takeover blocked.

The watchdog’s deadline is Tuesday. To get the polling in on time, we need to raise £2500 today. Will you chip in now? You can donate securely by following the link below:


Together, we’re going head to head with Rupert Murdoch and his army of lobbyists. Hundreds of thousands of us signed petitions and emailed Ministers to get the government to launch this investigation in the first place. [3] And just this week more than thirty thousand 38 Degrees-ers have emailed the watchdog to tell them their draft report is correct – and Murdoch’s deal should be blocked. [4]

An opinion poll would give the watchdog yet more evidence that the public think their draft decision is right. So let’s use people power to raise the money to pay for one.


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[4] 38 Degrees: Mail Competition and Markets Authority investigation into Fox and Sky merger:


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